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Marbella (Andalucía and Costa del Sol)

Marbella Dali
Marbella is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. As one of the principal tourist destinations in Spain and the most important on the Costa del Sol in Andalucia, marbella offers the best of everything. It enjoys a great climate, infrastructure, marinas, luxury hotels and world famous golf courses. It has 27 miles of coastline distributed in a total of 24 beaches. It is also serviced by Malaga’s International airport, which is located approximately 55km (33 miles) away.
Marbella weather
Marbella’s weather is one of the biggest pull factors for holidaymakers and those looking to relocate to the area. Due to it’s geographical location and the mountain ranges that surround it, Marbella has a unique microclimate bringing consistent temperatures of an annual average of 20 ° C and more than 320 sunny days a year.
Marbella Sailing
Marbella sailing. Marbella has four busy marinas. World famous "Puerto Banus," has more than nine hundred moorings and is one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in Europe. With luxury homes, exclusive 'boutiques', exciting nightlife and gourmet dining...
Puerto  Banus
Puerto Banus. One of the most important marinas in the Mediterranean, the world’s rich and famous choose to moor their luxurious yachts.
Marbella Golf
Golf in Marbella. The Costa del Sol is also known as “Costa del Golf”, boasting more than 45 top-level courses. Many consider Marbella as the first choice for golf in Europe and the temperate climate means golf can be enjoyed all year round. Major golf championships such as the Ryder Cup, the World Championships, the Spanish Open and the Volvo Masters are held in the Marbella area.
Marbella Luxury
Marbella Luxury. Marbella is one of the elite worldwide holiday destinations. Marbella has a huge number of luxury mansions and palaces, dream homes and villas for sale or rent.
Marbella Gastronomy
Gastronomy. Marbella enjoys the best of both worlds. The local Andalusian cuisine stands out for it’s flavour and variety but the area is also home to some of the world’s best International restaurants serving top class cuisine.
Flamenco. A Spanish musical genre with strong, rhythmic undertones, often accompanied with a similarly impassioned style of dance. Flamenco is a passionate and seductive art form you can enjoy in Marbella.
Bullfight. There are bullrings in Marbella and in it’s surrounding area. The beautiful bullring in Ronda is the oldest in Spain and is steeped in history and tradition.